Virtual Garden: Lagoon Series- The photos are sorted by time sequence. I started going over to Humboldt Park to get away for awhile during the day. Loved walking around the lagoon. Soon I became enamored with how drastically the lagoon changes it's look. It was like every time I went over there, it looked different, creating a palette of wonder. I started collecting this images, these abstract earth photos. click here to see the COMPLETE series, click here- Humboldt Park


These photos are what I call "Abstract Color Field" photos. Started this project back when everyone was still shooting film and continued through the years. Using the same 35mm point and shoot camera, I went in out of every vintage store in Chicago. The color speaks to me. The way it falls on my eyes is like no other. I felt compelled to preserve these treasures, these color patterns. Drawn to the analog implication of less is more. More of a decisive moment. I call it sweet heart collection because that's how I feel about these clothes I have chosen, they are for a sweetheart. Collecting these colorful bright clothes, attracted to the composition, the idea of having a piece. To see the COMPLETE series click here- Sweet Heart Collection

chi3 3.jpg
leo2 2.jpg