Sweet Heart Collection

Influence- My influence begins with 1940's and the beginning of the color field painters in New York City. Drawn to the freedom and the non representational experimental style of the era, I am all about the abstract aesthetic. Inspired by 1940's modernist Color Field Painters, I went with the idea of experimenting with color and subject, or there lack off. Using an abstract and avant garde approach. I was mesmerized by the results. This approach and technique I call a color field photograph. Qualities of a Modern Art in a Post Post Modern world.

Technique- Flash, pale, yet colorful, blowout, haunting, bright light, analog, 35mm, less is more, fade, nostalgia, color field photography, large field of unbroken surface, creating a presence, creating a perspective. A ghostly feeling, the flash, the glimpse into the past. One photo, one moment. Like you know only one photo exists. The faded pale colors- cold abstraction. Treads the line of past/present, dead or live. temporal living. Picking the composition, deliberately choosing the new design, the new pattern, creating a new perspective. Modern- experimenting is the base of this project. I wanted to create something that was my own fashion. Create a new look using photography. Creating a new perspective. I chose flat solid color, freed from any object, unbroken color.

Abstract- Vibrant, Loud, Color Blocks, anti figurative aesthetic, departure from reality, seeing intensely, curious

Modern-Experimental, 1940's NYC, the idea to create something that is abstract.

Color- Create a collection, photography is my fashion. Deliberate color selection. Rich color fields and complimentary colors.

Meaning-The empty space, the nostalgia, more about the emotion. Bleak.