I am currently working on an environmental photo series called Urban Nature Preservation. Takes place in Chicago, Illinois. First I explore a deep feeling of solitude in such a congested, seemingly active place. Focusing on liminal places, finding moments of stillness. The photos are lonely and quiet at times. I am drawn to these places due to the way I can lose myself in the moment. They are truly my sanctuary. Secondly the series takes a look at the urban nature in Chicago. Recently I have been making these Virtual Gardens, creating a mind map and a virtual flower collection. I want to create a new perspective of urban nature. I want to really bring Jen Jensen’s ideas of beauty and preservation to the forefront. We need to put a bigger emphasis on science for future generations, especially in the city. I want Urban Nature Preservation to help teach the future importance of saving the planet.

Conservation advocacy is what I ultimately want to do with this photo project. Help raise awareness, if my images can help a child learn something about the Earth, I feel as though I have succeeded.  Use them to help save the planet. Weekly for the last year and half I have been photographing South Shore Nature Sanctuary, Humboldt Park, Garfield Park Conservatory and many more Chicago favorites, within this series I have zeroed in on some specific areas. One specific area is Humboldt Park Lagoon. The Lagoon is a source of inspiration for me. I am mesmerized by how often the lagoon changes and the way the sun beams through the murky water.  Everyday there is something new to look at, something new to lose yourself in. I live for those few short moments of the liminal space of here and not here. Capturing the mood of living things. So much life beneath the surface. The lagoon provides so much wonder.